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Relaxing (Men of Anti-Aircraft)
Relaxing (Men of Anti-Aircraft)
Mitchell Jamieson
Accession Number: 88-193-HO
Original work: Drawing, pen and Ink, Wash
Original size: 14.75 by 17.5 inches

By the time General Eisenhower's message, which began, "You are about to embark on a great crusade…" had been distributed, the great armada set in motion and headed for various rendezvous areas. The ungainly ships crowded the stream and their loudspeakers blared forth swing music across the quiet water, sound which echoed strangely in the peaceful old villages and the hills which hemmed it in. As soon as the ships were clear of the port, the men tried to relax, some gathering in little groups to try to forget the inevitable end of the voyage by talking and companionship. Others, preferring to be alone with their thoughts, just sat and looked out to sea. The ship was fully loaded at the time and all were in what was called a "sealed" status, which meant that no one was permitted to leave the ship at all, even on minor errands. Having just arrived from the station, the artist’s feelings were a mixture of both a recognition of the now familiar patterns of amphibious invasion and that sense of unrealness brought about by such a sudden change.

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