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Capt James Fife
Capt James Fife
McClelland Barclay
Accession Number: 85-236-W
Original work: Conte Crayon on Paper
Original size: 17 by 14 inches

Capt. James Fife USN - Naval Academy class 1918 - entered 17 Decoration - Distinguished Service Medal - for part in directing submarine in Philippines - Netherlands East Indies Campaign. "[I was a] naval Observer with British submarines Aug. 1940 to Apr. 1941- with British on one patrol down Bay of Biscay - antisubmarine war - went to Gibraltar in Aircraft carrier H.M.S. Argus - attacked by subs and Nipper class cruiser on Xmas day - in Xmas 1941 in Manila I came most near being hit by bomb - From Gibraltar in British sub Triumph patrol off Sardinia to help convoy thru Malta. Made another sub patrol in eastern Meditterranian [Mediterranean] attack on the Island of Castelarisso [Castellorizo] held by Italy - Flew to with Anthony Eden and went thru [sic] the April bombing of London - some of the worst especially Apr. 18 - 480 planes over London that nite[sic]. When those 1700 lbs. go off they do not make as much a sharp noise - more like a great roar - with a terrific surge of air felt at least 3/4 of a mile away. Surprisingly few are killed. The nearest bombing was in Malta when the Germans were trying to get the Aircraft Carrier Illustrious. In Manila chief of staff to Commander Submarines Asiatic Fleet. In submarine tender Holland when war broke out. Conducted sub operations from Manila until Xmas day when we had to get out- then carried on from Corregedore [Corregidor]. Kept on until New Years eve when we were driven out because we could not service subs any longer with oil and food. Then all the sub operating staff left in two subs and carried on from Soeurabaya [Sourabaya]. Staid [sic] in Java until driven out - last of Feb came to Australia - Freemantle, Australia - port city for Perth on the west coast. Staid [sic] there as Commander submarine squadron 2 - until Nov 1st - when I was sent to New Guinea during the Boona [Buna] campaign as Adm. Carpender representative with Gen. McArthur [MacArthur] - until middle of December - recalled assigned commander Task Force no. 42 - rode bomber on several mission to look over sea area."

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