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Cdr Creed C. Burlingame
Cdr Creed C. Burlingame
McClelland Barclay
Accession Number: 85-236-N
Original work: Conte Crayon on Paper
Original size: 17 by 14 inches

Comdr. Creed C. Burlingame USN of Louisville, KY - sank 60,000 tons Japanese shipping including an enemy submarine and a destroyer also damage[d] another 30,000 tons. Decorations: Silver Star, Navy Cross with gold star - equivalent of receiving Navy Cross twice. He has a little gold Buda [sic] within arms reach of the periscope given him by the crew. He said, "Before we go into action I always rub his belly for good luck." I asked Comdr. Burlingame if anything funny ever happened aboard his sub and he replied, "Lots of Times - for instance - I had a right smart colored mess boy from Tuskogee Miss. He was about to serve me lunch when the Lookout sung out 'Japanese transport close aboard thru [sic] mist on starboard bow.' Mess boy dropped the whole dish of creamed tunafish right in my lap and leaped to his torpedo station - we put three fish into her. She sank."

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