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Chief Torpedoman T. H. Larson
Chief Torpedoman T. H. Larson
McClelland Barclay
Accession Number: 85-236-AH
Original work: Conte Crayon on Paper
Original size: 17 by 14 inches

Drawn March 25, 1943 Chief Torpedoman Theodore H. Larson, USN 22 years in Navy - joined at 17 - 20 years submarine duty. Awarded Navy Silver Star - submarines off Japan coast "You hear 'em getting closer and closer. One exploded within 50 feet of us. Then the boys start giving away their candy and cigarettes - probably won't have anymore use for 'em. Finally the explosions seem to be getting farther away - you feel better then. Sometimes when we'd fire a torpedo at a destroyer and miss they drop a depth charge so we'd think we hit 'em when we'd come up to get pictures of them thru the peroscope [sic] they be there waiting to get us."

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