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Severing the Tow Lines
Severing the Tow Lines
Standish Backus
Accession Number: 88-186-BA
Original work: Watercolor
Original size: 28.5 by 21 inches

"With continued emphasis on the engineering, mechanical and electronic accomplishments of today's Navy, one hears less and less of the workaday activities of the still very vital deck force. The art of seamanship as practiced by the Coast Guardsmen of the icebreaker U.S.C.G.S. Eastwind brought great credit to their service in the eyes of Navy men and demonstrated repeatedly the sterling qualities required of men engaging in this rugged business. One such incident is here presented as U.S.C.G.S. Eastwind's bos'ns mates brave the icy blasts and congealing seas sweeping over the fantail in the 'sixties' south of New Zealand. The Navy's U.S.S. YOG-34, a small harbor tanker, is being towed to Antarctica. In the heavy going the rope and cloth chafing gear protecting the tow cable where it passes through the stern eye must be replaced every few hours. Frequently the men performing this and similarly essential jobs were the truly unsung heroes of the expedition." - Commander Standish Backus

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