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D-Day, Tarawa
D-Day, Tarawa
Kerr Eby
Accession Number: 88-159-CO
Original work: Drawing, Charcoal
Original size: 26 by 38.5 inches

Before D-Day and H-Hour, these tough, hardened, and highly trained men went in on the beaches at Saipan to pave the way for invasion. It was they who made possible the approaches to the beach and the subsequent landings of our Army and Marines. Pictured here, a group of men have approached the beach at low water at a previously charted area. They are attaching "satchel" charges to the "Crib" in the rear. In the foreground is a Japanese horned "Scully" and the man directly behind it is attaching a demolition cap to a "J-13 Mine." In a few minutes their hazardous job will have been completed and another highway to Tokyo opened, thanks to the "Demolition Demons". Wading through a leaden surf under an overcast sky, wave on wave of U.S. Marines doggedly brave a deadly sheet of fire to secure a beachhead on Tarawa in the Gilberts on November 20 1943. Overhead, Navy dive bombers scream down through a blanket of black smoke to blast at the Japanese, entrenched in nearly invulnerable pillboxes.

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