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Don't Read American History
Don't Read American History
James Montgomery Flagg
Accession Number: 46-399-A
Original work: Oil on Canvas
Original size: 50 by 36.25 inches

Many famous American artists were at the peak of their productivity at the time of World War I and contributed their skill to the war effort. James Montgomery Flagg became one of the foremost among them after he created the Uncle Sam “I Want You” poster for the U.S. Army. For Navy recruiting he created this image in which a Sailor encourages a man to stop reading a newspaper and join in the action. The Navy printed 25,000 of these posters in the first twelve months of the war.

Reproduction Size: 20" x 27.4"
If not indicated, the average reproduction is approximately 20x26 inches. All reproductions are custom printed and can be printed/framed to various sizes. We are happy to quote various options. Contact Us
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