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D-Day Plus Seven, Omaha Beach Head
D-Day Plus Seven, Omaha Beach Head
Dwight Shepler
Accession Number: 88-199-EY
Original work: Painting, Oil On Canvas
Original size:

On Omaha beach head the wreckage of assault has been thrust aside and reinforcements pour from LSTs which line up to spew forth their mobile cargo. It was not an uncommon sight to see thirty LSTs “dry out” and discharge their load on one ebb tide, and float away on the flood. The tide was 20 foot. With the sight repeated on Utah beach and the British beaches, the lift carried by various amphibious craft was enormous. The great offensive that broke out at St. Lo, swept through Avranches to ship off Brittany and swing for Paris, was mounted with men and material that came in over the beach. The "Ducks" [DUKW amphibious wheeled vehicles] were bringing cargo from a ship offshore; while members of the U.S. Navy's 7th Beach Battalion, which landed with the assault, are sandbagging the shelter of their signal station.

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