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Our Navy in the Far East
Our Navy in the Far East
Artist Unknown
Accession Number: 07-238-DM
Original work: Poster
Original size: 13.25 by 14.75 inches

This image of sailors in a pleasurable moment in Tsingtau (Qingdao) China in 1936 belies the trouble brewing in the region. Only a year later Japan and China would be fighting an undeclared war and a Japanese aerial attack on USS Panay in the Yangtzee River would end U.S. Navy operations in the interior of China. Following his term as CNO, Admiral Leahy retired from the Navy, but the President kept him active, first as Governor of Puerto Rico and then as envoy to Vichy France. In 1942, FDR appointed him Chief of Staff, which became the predecessor position to the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. In December 1944 he was awarded his fifth star, making him a Fleet Admiral of the Navy. He served in that position until March 1949.

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