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Roger Three (Scout and Raiders)
Roger Three (Scout and Raiders)
Robert Benney
Accession Number: 88-159-AQ
Original work: Oil on Canvas
Original size: 20 by 29 inches

Silently, stealthily, these specially trained men of our Amphibious Forces approach the enemy strongholds. Their job is to land on enemy-held territory, often hundreds of miles from our own forces. There they are left to their own resourcefulness, to make their way to the civilian inhabitants who have been dominated by the Japanese oppressors. They speak the language of the country or island where they will do their job. Information on enemy strength and supplies is thus obtained sometimes long before our Army or Marines will land, and when our forces arrive, the success or failure of the battle will, in large measure, be due to the information brought back by these skillful and courageous men.

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