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Naval Vessels Sunk by Aerial Bombs
Naval Vessels Sunk by Aerial Bombs
Artist Unknown
Accession Number: 07-238-BC
Original work: Poster
Original size: 14 by 16 inches

In response to severe public criticism from the highly popular Army aviator Billy Mitchell that the Navy was squandering money by building battleships when they would soon be rendered obsolete by aircraft carriers and aerial bombs, President Calvin Coolidge in 1925 appointed a board headed by Dwight W. Morrow to consider the creation of a national aviation policy, inclusive of both private and military aviation. The “Morrow Board” considered the feasibility of a military aviation corps separate from the Army and Navy. Admiral Eberle argued against it, stressing that aviation needed to be integrated within the fleet. The Board’s final report agreed. The Board’s recommendations continued to have a significant influence on the development of the naval aviation community well into the mid-century.

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