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Bois de la Brigade de Marine, Belleau Wood
Bois de la Brigade de Marine, Belleau Wood
Barry Faulkner (1881-1966)
Accession Number: 1976.3118.1
Original work: Oil on Canvas Attached to Wood Panel
Original size:

This map of Bois de la Brigade de Marine was commissioned by Edward Robinson, Director of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, to honor the Marines at Belleau Wood and his son. Phillips B. Robinson served with the British Ambulance Service in 1914 and was commissioned into the Marine Corps in 1917. His years abroad and fluency in French and German earned him special assignments with the Quartermaster Department. While assigned to Marine Corps Headquarters in Washington, D.C., he was killed in an automobile accident in late 1918. Artist Barry Faulkner, having served in France with the Army, returned to sketch the area around Belleau Wood. He used aerial maps and his own drawings to create this map with four small paintings at the bottom edge of the work.

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