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The Resurrection, 1965
The Resurrection, 1965
Robert Clark
Acquisition Number:
Original work: Oil On Canvas
Original size: 612 by 840 inches

Reproduction Size: 19.75 x 32

In the 1920’s, Forest Lawn became dedicated to the pursuit of capturing the three most significant events in the life of Jesus Christ - the Last Supper, the Crucifixion, and the Resurrection, which came to be known as “The Sacred Trilogy.”  With the Last Supper Window completed in 1930, and The Crucifixion dedicated in Forest Lawn in 1951, the quest began to complete the final chapter with a painting of the Resurrection.  Forest Lawn first held an international contest in Italy in 1952, and later a national contest in North America in search of an artist to fulfill this vision.  Ultimately, it was an American artist, Robert Clark, that Forest Lawn chose to commission for The ResurrectionClark was known for choosing subject matter such as fragments of ancient structures, madonnas and legendary figures, and re-creating the textures and subtle colorations of weathered surfaces worn by time and the elements.  Clark, a realist painter, won numerous awards for his work, exhibiting at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts, the Houston Museum of Fine Arts, the Oakland Art Museum, the John and Mabel Ringling Museum and numerous other public galleries and museums.  Upon completing The Resurrection for Forest Lawn in 1965, the Hall of The Crucifixion was re-named and dedicated as the Hall of The Crucifixion-Resurrection.  The Resurrection is presented with The Crucifixion in the Hall of The Crucifixion-Resurrection at Forest Lawn in Glendale, California.