Josephine Minor

Josephine L. Minor was born February, 1954, Youngstown, Ohio. She received her education in art from life experience, from books and programs from the old masters. She began to draw and paint for the first time at 33 in 1988.

Josephine Minor has exhibited in a juror show. The 30th Area  Artist’s Annual in ’88. Juror, Mr.John Klassen, Director of Massillon Art Museum. The 51st Area Artist’s Annual in 1989. Juror, Donald Harvey, Akron University. At Butler Institute of American Art. She had on Open-One Person Show, Youngstown Arts Council Ice Show, 1989.

Her work has reached national acclaim at The Fine Arts Foundation and Museum of Fine Arts, NFA in 1993. Jurors, John Duillo, President of the Society of American Artists; James Muir, SAHN, Matthew R. Brooks, Curator of BGFA, representative from the National Arts Media, and other prominent members of the American Fine Arts Community. The exhibition is being held at The Fine Arts Exposition in the North Eastern United States.

The show is an open invitational, open only to artists of merit from across the U.S.A The New England Institute in Boston.

Her work was reviewed during the 1989 Symposium of Art Criticism of the Eighties. The Nineties Vision presented by Youngstown State University at the Butler Arts Institute of American Art.

Josephine Minor’s work/slides have been reviewed by David Shiery, Youngstown native who is now an art critic for the New York Times 1988. Her work/slides has been reviewed by Mr. Ivan C. Karp, prominent New York gallery owner of the O.K. Harris, West Broadway New York SoHo-1993.

Her work/slides were reviewed by Roger Ponn and Associates, Incorported, senior appraiser of Ponn Associates. He has her work private collections. In 1993 Mr. Bill Cosby received her drawin and painting on birthday.

Her life history is included in the Elizabeth Schlesinger Library at Radcliffe College, Cambridge, Massachusetts. Mrs. Ruth Edmonds, Audiovisual Coordinator of the Arthur and Elizabeth Schlesinger Library of the History of Women in America.